Scots teen sex offenders flee country

Teen sex offenders are missing, with nine believed to have left the country, it has emerged.

Margaret Mitchell's question revealed that Scots teen sex offenders had absconded. Picture: PA

The figures have led to calls for increased monitoring, including use of GPS technology.

They were revealed in a Scottish Government response to a parliamentary question.

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The response also revealed there have been 247 breaches of sexual offences prevention orders since 2008, with 52 instances last year.

Margaret Mitchell MSP, Scottish Conservatives justice spokeswoman, who asked the question, said: “These sex offenders who have fled the country could have been stopped if GPS tracking had been introduced.

“The technology to do exactly this has existed for some time and the Scottish Government has a responsibility to the public to make sure this measure is available and utilised.

“The SNP says tracking of sex offenders in Scotland is among the most stringent anywhere but these figures tell us a different story.”