Scots pensioner who held up nuclear convoy in court

The court case for a Scottish pensioner who was arrested for holding up a nuclear convoy has begun.

Brian Quail, 77, (retired teacher) arrives for his court case. He was arrested after holding up a convoy of trucks on March 10 2016. Picture: John Devlin

In March 2016, Brian Quail, 78, ran out in front of a military convoy near Balloch, West Dunbartonshire as an act of protest against nuclear weapons.

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The retired teacher, who is now a passionate anti-nuclear campaigner, appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court to face a breach of the peace charge.

Campaigners claim the armoured trucks were carrying 100 kiloton warheads.

Speaking at the time John Ainslie, co-ordinator of Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), said, “the convoy was made up four lorries carrying either one or two nuclear bombs in each.”

Mr Quail pleaded not guilty and will represent himself during the trial.

Scottish CND campaigners were outside the court house to support Mr Quail.

Ahead of the court date, Mr Quail said: ‘Trident is the worst thing in the world. The epitome of evil.

“I do infinitesimally small things against it, because that is all I can do. But consent by silence or inactivity I cannot give.”

The trial continues.