Sanction Russia over cyber warfare, EU told

Theresa May will discuss cyber attacks.
Theresa May will discuss cyber attacks.
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Russia should face tough new sanctions following a campaign of cyber attacks on western institutions, Theresa May will tell EU leaders today.

The Prime Minister will call for new penalties for cyber warfare in the wake of the attempted hacking by Russian agents of the chemical weapons watchdog that investigated the Salisbury chemical attack.

Russian hackers have also been accused of a string of attacks on western electoral systems. At a session on internal security at the European Council summit in Brussels, she will say new sanctions for chemical weapons violations agreed by EU leaders this week should be matched by action on cyber warfare.

“Individual efforts to protect ourselves, and to call out irresponsible behaviour, are not enough,” Mrs May will say.

“Malign cyber activity causes harm to our economies, and undermines our democracies. As well as protecting ourselves against attack, we must impose proportionate consequences on those who would do us harm.

“We have an opportunity to show our collective political leadership... malicious actors too must face the real consequences of their actions.”