Same-sex marriage case study: ‘We can’t wait to be married’

Nathan and Robert Gale, from Edinburgh, made a lifelong commitment to each other almost exactly three years ago, when they entered a civil partnership.

Even so, they believe they should have the right to take the next step forward and marry.

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“There are two different systems, depending on whether you are gay or straight,” said Nathan, 27, yesterday. “Gay people can love each other in just the same way that straight people do, so we want our marriage to be recognised as well.

“We are both very disappointed that the government have delayed making an announcement on equal marriage. We are, however, glad that they have said loud and clear that they will not hold a referendum on the issue, as this is a matter of equality which belongs in the hands of a government who have thoroughly consulted on it.

“For now, we will continue to look forward to our marriage, which we are sure we will have once the government announces its decision later this month.”