Salmond ‘snarled at’ me, says Fishermen’s leader

THE leader of Scotland’s fishermen has accused Alex Salmond of attempting to “intimidate” him after he asked a series of questions about the consequences of independence.

Mr Armstrong said Mr Salmond 'snarled' at him after he set out questions in a letter. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Bertie Armstrong, chief executive of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF), told The Scotsman that Mr Salmond had “snarled” at him after he set out the questions in a letter to the First Minister.

Mr Armstrong had challenged Mr Salmond about what the SFF leader suggested were SNP plans to restrict access to Scottish waters to other EU nations if an independent Scotland was denied membership.

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However, Mr Salmond in his response said the claim was a “ridiculous interpretation” of the SNP government’s position.

Mr Salmond wrote to Mr Armstrong to say it was “astonishing that anyone else would follow this interpretation”, after the SFF leader asked about access to Scotland’s waters and the arrangements for EU rebates.

However, Mr Armstrong insisted: “Instead of answering the questions, we got this letter back in which we were snarled at.”