Salmond demands review of nuclear power contracts

First Minister Alex Salmond has called for the Ofgem review of energy markets to examine proposals to revive the UK’s ­nuclear power regime.

The SNP leader said the recent contract for the Hinkley Point station in Somerset had been set at twice the wholesale price for electricity.

During First Minister’s Questions at Holyrood yesterday, Mr Salmond said: “The review in competition in the energy markets is welcome, that offers the opportunity to fully examine the market place and I hope and believe the Labour Party will see the sense in extending that ­review to nuclear power and the contract that has been offered to Hinkley Point.”

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“For the very obvious reason that if you continue your support for that contract, a contract at double the wholesale price for electricity, there would only be one direction for electricity bills in the future, and that is ­upwards. Let’s have a review and a competition examination, ­examining the conduct of the Big Six energy companies.”