Ruth Davidson shares abusive email she received on International Women's Day

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has posted an offensive email on her Twitter feed that she received from an unnamed person attacking her on International Women's Day.

Scottish Conservative party leader Ruth Davidson posted the email after First Minister's Questions. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA Wire

The email, from an address that the MSP has blocked out in her tweet, stated that the sender was ‘amazed’ by Ms Davidson’s remarks about International Women’s Day, as in their opinion she was a “wee fat wannabe man” and a “disgrace to her gender”.

When asked why she had deleted the sender’s address in the post, Ms Davidson responded “because I’m nice like that,” before adding “interesting that a couple of folk were able to tell it was a man anyway, despite the redaction”.

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Many followers called on the MSP to name and shame the person, with one even drawing parellels with Mhairi Black, stating that Ms Davidson should follow the SNP MP’s lead by having the “courage to name her abusers”.

One user tweeted their support saying: “Sadly, there will always be the insecure bullies that are terrified of strong women. I think you are a fantastic example of the kind of women I hope my daughters grow to be. Empowered women, not scared to speak up for what they believe.”

Another added: “It absolutely backs up Mhairi Black’s comments at [Westminster] yesterday - time every member of humanity called that horrific behavior out for what it is Utterly Disgraceful”