Ruth Davidson says election is ‘two-horse race’

Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson . Picture: PAScottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson . Picture: PA
Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson . Picture: PA
SCOTTISH Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has said next month’s General Election can only be a two-horse race between David Cameron and Ed Miliband for the office of Prime Minister.

Ms Davidson pointed out that the SNP was not in contention to be the UK government, as she said that opinion polls showed most Scots wanted Mr Cameron rather than Mr Miliband to be the Prime Minister.

The MSP made the claim during a visit to Musselburgh racecourse, where the Good Friday race meeting was being held.

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Ms Davidson said the other political party leaders are “lagging behind” in the race for Downing Street and urged voters to “back a winner” and vote for Mr Cameron.

Ms Davidson said: “Our next Prime Minister will either be Ed Miliband or David Cameron. That is the basic choice people face. And the fact is that when asked to choose between the two, most Scots prefer the Prime Minister.

“It is not hard to see why - David Cameron has shown strength and resilience; turning the economy around and getting Britain’s finances back on track.

“A return to Labour’s economic mess - made worse by having the SNP in saddle, pulling the reins - would undo all that hard work, racking up huge bills on our country’s credit card and expecting them to be paid by our children and grandchildren.”

She added: “Ed Miliband isn’t even at the races, so I know who my money is on.”