Ruth Davidson accused of "utter desperation" over Salmond jibe

Ruth Davidson has been accused of "utter desperation" after using a veiled reference to Alex Salmond to take a swipe at Nicola Sturgeon in Holyrood.

The Tory leader made the barb during First Ministers Questions today, but it prompted an angry response from Ms Sturgeon's spokesman afterwards.

The flashpoint came in the weekly joust between Ms Sturgeon and opposition leaders as the SNP leader accused accused Ms Davidson of "cosying up" Tory leadership frontrunner Boris Johnson.

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FMQs: Sturgeon accused of 'brow beating' people on independenceIn a veiled reference to Ms Sturgeon's predecessor the Tory leader responded: "I've never had a problem standing up to the alpha males in my own party I wonder if the First Minister is able to say the same?"

Ruth Davidson was accused of "utter desperation"Ruth Davidson was accused of "utter desperation"
Ruth Davidson was accused of "utter desperation"

But it brought a stinging response afterwards from Ms Sturgeon's official spokesman.

MSPs raise ‘serious concern’ over deleted data in Salmond probe"It was desperation on (Ruth) Davidson's part - utter desperation to try and deflect from the fact that they're about to get the biggest mauling in modern history in this election," he said.

"It's quite something when things are so comically bad that their tactic seems to be to make the party leader resign the night before an election to try and up their vote."

Mr Salmond is currently facing a number of sexual assault allegations, including attempted rape. he denies all wrongdoing.