Race attack fears as BNP targets Scotland

THE FIRST party political broadcast by the British National Party specifically aimed at Scotland will be aired tonight, prompting fears of an increase in racist attacks.

The far right party are entitled to slots on both STV and BBC because they are putting up enough candidates for the Scottish elections.

However, anti-fascist campaigners hit out at the decision, which comes just days after an asylum seeker and her baby son were attacked in Glasgow.

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An anti-BNP rally attended by politicians and backed by Chris Geddes of Scots band Belle and Sebastian and author Iain Banks was held in Glasgow yesterday.

Donna Guthrie, national campaigner for organisers Unite Against Fascism, said further protests will be held outside the BBC today.

She said: "We are appalled that the BNP has a platform paid for by the licence payer. It is a terrible thing for the people of Scotland as racist attacks become more common when the BNP targets an area."

But Kenny Smith of the BNP, said the party were entitled to put their message across.