Q&A: Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland

Q If you had the power to change one thing in Scotland what would it be?

"Prosperity is found in such things as a secure climate, good health and work"
"Prosperity is found in such things as a secure climate, good health and work"

A I would have everyone, including me, in their personal and public life, ask themselves two questions. How can I act in a way that is fair to other people in other places, to my children and to the people and creatures of the future? If everyone did what I do, would life on this planet be sustainable? .

Q Can green energy alone ever meet all of Scotland’s energy needs - if not how do we make up the shortfall?

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A If we invest: first in using less energy; second in new sources of energy such as wind, solar, tidal, renewable heat and in carbon capture and storage. If we make our energy storage and transmission effective, follow the best and cheapest green energy sources for our homes, businesses, travel and agriculture, then yes. Knowing the impacts on us and our world if we don’t use green energy, can we afford not to?

Q What’s missing from the Holyrood election campaign so far?

A debate on achieving prosperity in a world of climate change. We need more investment, incentives, and regulation for a prosperous low carbon future with the benefits to our health, economy, built and natural environment that could bring.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is organising an online election debate for people across the country to ‘Ask the Climate Question’ of Scotland’s political parties.

Join us online or live in the Edinburgh studio at 7pm on Monday 18th (further details at bit.ly/Climate_Debate).

Q Is there one lesson Scotland can learn from elsewhere in the world?

A That relationships, with each other and our planet, are more important than things. GDP, is not the true indicator of prosperity. Prosperity is found in such things as a secure climate, good health and work, and our relationships with each other and the natural world.

Q Does Holyrood or Westminster have the biggest influence on your working life?

A Holyrood. I have the biggest influence on it, it has the biggest influence on me.

Q Do you think there will be another independence referendum in Scotland - and if so how soon?

A I don’t know, but in any event I care most about the product not the wrapper.