Pro-independence 'Wings over Scotland Party account banned from Twitter'

Twitter has banned a pro-independence political party account run by blogger Stuart Campbell.

The 51-year-old, who runs the Wings Over Scotland site then accused the social media giant for “directly interfering in national politics”, according to The National.

But Twitter allegedly banned @WingPartyScot as soon is it was set up saying it broke the rules “against managing multiple Twitter accounts for abusive purposes.”

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Campbell announced the rejection of the account on Twitter. He said: "As far as I can tell this does not breach any of Twitter's rules, as the party is a distinct entity from the political website. Nope, banned straight away without doing anything. Appealed. Should be interesting."

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The activist is considering launching the pro-Yes party in time for the 2021 Holyrood elections.

He told The National: "This wasn't an official launch of the party. But it raises the extremely concerning prospect of Twitter directly interfering in national politics by silencing a political party in an election, based on an already-unjustified sanction against the biggest Scottish politics website in the country, which Twitter still refuses to give an explanation for.

“The original Wings account has not breached any of Twitter's terms and conditions and nor did this one, but both have been banned for expressing views Twitter, or certain of its employees, appears to be opposed to."

Pro-independence Wings Over Scotland Party account has been banned from TwitterPro-independence Wings Over Scotland Party account has been banned from Twitter
Pro-independence Wings Over Scotland Party account has been banned from Twitter | PA (Press Association)

The Wings blogger has told The Scotsman in the past that he and others had become “uncomfortable” with the direction being taken by the SNP.

In October last year he said: "I don't think it's a great secret that I, and a lot of other people, are rather uncomfortable with the direction that the SNP is moving in at the moment.

"It seems to have become a stopping Brexit party, rather than a gaining independence party. That's something they haven't got a mandate for and it's something that if they were to achieve it, it would nullify the mandate that they do have from the 2016 election to have a second independence referendum.

"However, if they do hold a referendum before 2021, then categorically the Wings party will not happen, that's the whole point."



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