Prince Charles '˜asked US to pause Afghan war for Ramadan'

The Prince of Wales asked the US if it would be possible to pause the invasion of Afghanistan to honour Ramadan, according to Washington's former ambassador to Britain.
The Prince of Wales. Picture: PAThe Prince of Wales. Picture: PA
The Prince of Wales. Picture: PA

William Farish said Charles asked if his request for the holy month to be considered as part of the battle plans could be passed on to the then president George W Bush.

The former diplomat recalled the alleged conversation, said to have taken place by phone around a month into the operation, for a new biography of Charles.

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“Prince Charles asked me if it would be possible to stop the invasion to honour Ramadan, and if I could convey that request to President Bush,” said Farish.

When it was explained that it would be difficult to halt the military operation already under way, Charles allegedly replied: “But Americans can do anything!”

Farish, 78, served as US ambassador to the UK between 2001 and 2004 and appeared alongside Bush, sen, Tony Blair and the Queen at a service to remember the victims of the 9/11 attacks.