Prime Minister Rishi Sunak: Why crisis-fighting experience makes Sunak the steady hand Scotland needs

Yesterday’s announcement fills me with confidence.

The UK faces challenges ahead with building a stronger Union, emerging from the pandemic, and overcoming economic instability. Rishi Sunak will lead by example and act quickly to put the economy on track.

However, the ground we tread currently looks uncertain, with recent economic turbulence and the volatility of the pound.

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This is a situation which requires the injection of stability. Mr Sunak, with experience as chancellor, is the steady hand needed on the tiller.

Rishi Sunak gestures as conservative MPs greet him after arriving at the Conservative Party leadership contest at the Conservative party Headquarters in London. Picture: AP Photo/Aberto Pezzali

Through the pandemic, he took action to secure jobs and businesses. With the furlough scheme, 700,000 Scottish jobs – and many more across the UK – were shored up. Loans for businesses ensured financial survival through uncertain times.

Now, as we face a difficult winter, I am encouraged that Mr Sunak will be grasping the challenge. With high energy prices, the cost of living and international conflict raging on, his crisis-fighting experience could hardly have prepared him better for the difficult decisions he will take.

Mr Sunak is not only the experienced hand to guide the economy to growth, but also the calm head needed to unify the party. This is a Prime Minister who I trust to act in the best interest of the United Kingdom. This also means acting in the best interest of the Union.

As the first British Asian Prime Minister, it is clear this premiership is one that celebrates diversity and difference. I joined the Conservative party under David Cameron, believing as he did, that it’s not about where you come from, but what you can achieve. Rishi’s faith in the Union and his belief in our common values assures me this is a leader who understands our shared history and culture.

I first backed Rishi knowing the Union would be at the heart of his vision. Knowing the SNP’s record, we cannot trust Holyrood with the future of Scotland; I trust a Sunak Government to have Scotland at the heart of its decisions.

With economic prosperity and our stability in the balance, his record is the certainty Scotland needs. I cannot think of a better party leader and Prime Minister to tackle the challenges which lie ahead.

- Andrew Bowie is the Scottish Conservative MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine.



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