Piers Morgan names Nicola Sturgeon 'most natural leader in British politics'

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Piers Morgan has appeared to back regular sparring partner Nicola Sturgeon in a Tweet in which he describes her as the 'most natural leader in British politics'.

The Good Morning Britain host has regulalry featured the SNP leader on the TV show and previously refused to pull his punches when debating with her, recently shouting over her to tell her she had lost the 2016 Scottish independence referendum and that she should accept defeat.

He also described what she was saying at the time as "irrelevant".

However, it appears he has changed tack this morning and has now described her as the 'most natural leader in British politics' in a tweet following ITV's Leadership debates.

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He wrote: "Without passing any judgement on the content of what she says, @NicolaSturgeon is the most natural leader in British politics.

So impressive in media interviews."

Piers Morgan and Nicola Sturgeon are regular sparring partners.

Piers Morgan and Nicola Sturgeon are regular sparring partners.

Replying to the tweet, @VotingForBoris heavily disgreed, he posted: "You must be joking Piers! She looks all reasonable now, but give her space to rant and rave, you'll soon change your mind about Nicola leading."

@derek_burgoyne added: "She is a one trick pony. Can’t wait to see her mask slip again if she was interviewed by a professional like Andrew Neil."

However, several others applauded the TV host for his comments, @garogorman responded: "By far. The most impressive and honourable (does not lie) person in UK politics."

While @Alicehar78 said: "Wow, first time you’ve actually said something accurate. See, things work so much better without your judgements. Yes NS is not only the most natural, she also runs rings round the rest of them."