Partygate: Dominic Raab says it's 'not that simple' that Boris Johnson breached ministerial code

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab has said he thinks it is "not that simple" that Prime Minister Boris Johnson receiving a fine for breaking lockdown rules means he has broken the ministerial code.

He told Sky News: "There have been examples in the past where similarly, I think Baroness Scotland, I think in 2009, she was a minister (and was fined).

"The point was, she hadn't acted deliberately or intentionally, and therefore Gordon Brown took the view that the code hadn't been broken.

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"So I'm just saying there are precedents for this... I think it's clear from the circumstances of this particular gathering, where he turned up, was there for 10 minutes, was unaware that it was a surprise birthday cake for him, that wasn't a deliberate breach of the rules, and that's the key point."



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