Partygate: Boris Johnson faces no further action in 126-fine partygate investigation

Sue Gray’s report could be published next week after the Met concluded their investigation into ‘Partygate’ and told Boris Johnson he faces no further action over lockdown breaches.

The Metropolitan police announced a total of 126 fixed-penalty notices had been delivered, but just one for the Prime Minister.

Scotland Yard said on Thursday it had issued fines to 53 men and 73 women, with some individuals receiving multiple fines, for events on eight separate dates.

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The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “The Met has confirmed that they are taking no further action with regards to the Prime Minister.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street to attend the weekly Prime Ministers Questions. Picture: Dan Kitwood/Getty ImagesPrime Minister Boris Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street to attend the weekly Prime Ministers Questions. Picture: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves 10 Downing Street to attend the weekly Prime Ministers Questions. Picture: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

It is understood Chancellor Rishi Sunak was also yet to receive another fine, after receiving one for attending the Prime Minister’s gathering in June 2020.

The Prime Minister’s wife Carrie Johnson has also received confirmation she faces no further action.

Speaking in the Chamber, the Commons leader told MPs Ms Gray’s report could now come as soon as next week.

Conservative former chief whip Mark Harper had called on Mark Spencer to confirm “that Sue Gray’s report will be published in full next week” and “that the Prime Minister will be coming to the House next week to make a full statement to be questioned on this very important matter”.

Mr Spencer replied: “I am aware of those commitments made at this despatch box. I see no reason why those commitments won’t be delivered upon and I shall make sure his comments are fed directly back to those who will make those decisions.”

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Speaking after the investigation closed, Downing Street said the report would be published as soon as possible.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “Sue Gray will complete her work and then hand that over and then we will publish that as soon as possible. That has not happened yet.

“So in effect, timings are a matter for her, still, in terms of when she completes her report.”

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Asked if the intention was to publish the report in the form it was received, he said: “As received, yes.”

Asked if No. 10 intends to publish any photographic or documentary evidence included in the body of Ms Gray’s report, or in some sort of appendix, he said: “It’s a hypothetical situation, but our intention will be to publish the report as received as much as possible.

“You’ll know from the interim report … we will need to carry out any sort of requisite data protection checks. But again, just to be clear … as it didn’t before, I don’t envisage that to be an issue.”

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner demanded the immediate publication of the report.

She said: “Industrial scale rule-breaking has taken place at the heart of Boris Johnson’s Downing Street.

“We must now urgently see the Sue Gray report published in full. It’s time for the Prime Minister to stop hiding.

"While the British people sacrificed so much, Boris Johnson's Downing Street broke the rules at record-breaking scale. Britain deserves better.”

The SNP’s Westminster deputy leader Kirsten Oswald called Downing Street “one of the biggest law-breaking venues in the UK”.

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She said: “The police investigation has made clear as day that Boris Johnson's Government wilfully broke the rules it expected everyone else to follow.

"With the Met investigation now over, Boris Johnson must immediately come before Parliament to explain his misconduct and to also immediately publish the Sue Gray report in full. There can be no delays or excuses.

"Households are facing an uphill battle trying to make ends meet as the Tory-made cost-of-living crisis spirals out of control, with both Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak too consumed by law-breaking scandals to get on with the day job.

"Boris Johnson should have resigned a long time ago over the numerous law-breaking parties. It's shameful that he continues to desperately cling on."

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Sir Ed Davey tweeted: “This police investigation confirms Boris Johnson’s Downing Street was fined more times for breaking Covid laws than any other address in the country.

"It exposes a shocking level of criminality at the heart of Johnson’s Number 10.

“It beggars belief that Conservative MPs are allowing our great country to be run by a Prime Minister who broke the law, then repeatedly lied about it.

“The full Sue Gray report should now be published without delay, and the parliamentary inquiry should be launched into Johnson’s lies.

“The public made huge sacrifices while Boris Johnson partied. They deserve the full truth."



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