Nicola Sturgeon urged to back UK-wide rules on trade and immigration

The Scottish Conservatives have urged Nicola Sturgeon to back UK-wide rules on trade and immigration ahead of the publication of fresh Brexit analysis.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: SWNSFirst Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: SWNS
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: SWNS
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The party called on the First Minister to take heed of the results of a recent survey by ScotCen which found that a majority of Scots want to keep the same rules as the rest of the UK on reserved issues such as trade (67 per cent) and immigration (63 per cent) upon leaving the EU.

The Scottish Government is due to publish new analysis on Scotland’s future relationship with Europe and the potential economic implications of leaving the single market and customs union.

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Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk MP John Lamont said: “Whatever side you took on Brexit, a clear majority of Scots want to see UK-wide rules on trade and immigration.

“That’s because most Scots say no borders at Berwick and no to the break-up of the British internal market. For once, Nicola Sturgeon must listen to them.

“So when she sets outs further work on Brexit this week, she must make clear she is dumping her attempt to separate Scotland from our friends and neighbours elsewhere in the UK.

“It’s time for the SNP to accept UK-wide rules on immigration and trade. Anything less would be further evidence that this First Minister is treating people in Scotland with utter contempt.”

A spokesman for Scotland’s Brexit minister Michael Russell said: “The Scottish Tories now have the brass neck to demand that Scotland shouldn’t have the powers to counter the economic and jobs disaster threatened by their shambolic Brexit.

“This is extraordinary but sadly not surprising - and it is no wonder that new figures this week show almost 70 per cent of Scots think the Tories are making a complete and utter mess of Brexit.

“We will take no lectures from a Tory party trying to prevent Scotland taking the action needed to protect our national interests, and we will never apologise for standing up for Scottish jobs and communities.”