Nicola Sturgeon ‘tickled’ by claims Donald Trump ‘hates her’

First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon joins 'people taking part in Pride Glasgow. Picture: PA Wire
First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon joins 'people taking part in Pride Glasgow. Picture: PA Wire
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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had a dig at Donald Trump as thousands of Scots protested against the US President.

Sturgeon attended the Pride march in Glasgow rather than the anti-Trump demo in Edinburgh.

But a tweet from her husband Peter Murrell quoted her as saying there was “nowhere I would rather be”.

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Her comment was taken as a reference to the fact that Trump made no effort to meet with the First Minister while in Scotland.

Around 9,000 people descended on the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh before walking to the Meadows for a march billed as a “Carnival of Resistance”. Also present was the Trump “baby blimp”. Sturgeon said she was a “wee bit tickled” by reports that Trump “hates her” and has been “bitching” about her to Theresa May. The First Minister said she found it hard to believe that the President had the time to “to rant about me on the telephone to Theresa May.”

“If it is true, I suppose I should take it as a compliment, I certainly don’t spend that much time talking about him.” She added that her opposition to Trump was about his politics not personalities. She added that she had not refused to meet him and would do so if given the opportunity.

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Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson also appeared to make a jibe at the expense of the President when she tweeted in support of both marches. She tweeted: “Remember love trumps hate.”

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard joined the Edinburgh marchers and condemned the President for his “misogyny, his racism, his bigotry”.

Meanwhile the International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox claimed the anti-Trump protesters were an “embarrassment”. On the BBC, Fox said: “I don’t think the protesters were an embarrassment to the government. They were an embarrassment to themselves. I think that when you have the President of the United States – the leader of the free world – being greeted with signs saying ‘go home, we hate you’, I don’t think that reflects the genuine good manners and hospitality of the British people.”