Nicola Sturgeon tells of 'deep respect' for the Queen amid jubilee celebrations

Nicola Sturgeon has spoken of her “deep respect” for the Queen as celebrations continue for the Platinum Jubilee.

The First Minister said she “will always really treasure” the opportunity to talk to the Queen and benefit from her knowledge and wisdom.

Ms Sturgeon said she supported the Queen and her successors remaining head of state in an independent Scotland.

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It comes after the Greens, who have a power-sharing agreement with the SNP, boycotted a Holyrood debate on the jubilee on Wednesday.

Picture: Jane Barlow/Pool/AFPPicture: Jane Barlow/Pool/AFP
Picture: Jane Barlow/Pool/AFP

The party said it supported an elected head of state, but added: "We respect others hold different beliefs and have no wish to deprive them of their celebration".

Ms Sturgeon praised the Queen’s “selfless commitment to duty”.

She told the BBC: "I like her a lot - I have deep respect for her as many people do.

"The context of those conversations are rightly by convention completely private and confidential and I won't breach that.

"But I think it is fair to say that that opportunity to talk with her, to benefit from her knowledge, her wisdom and perhaps above all the completely unique perspective she has on modern world history, is something that I deeply value and will always really treasure."

Ms Sturgeon said the Queen was "someone you feel comfortable talking to and talking to quite openly".

She said: "I have benefited from it, I have learned from it and it is something I will always cherish.

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"She is somebody who has had a front row seat on the last 70 years of history. She has met every world leader over that time. She has seen up close and personal some of the key events of history.

"The knowledge that gives her, the wisdom that gives her, the perspective that gives her is much more valuable in these conversations then any specific thing that she will perhaps say".

When asked if she was a monarchist, Ms Sturgeon said: "I support the Queen and her successors remaining head of state - it is the policy of my party as I think you well know."

She said: "Whether you support the monarchy or whether you are a republican I actually think it is possible regardless of that to have great respect for Her Majesty The Queen.”



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