Nicola Sturgeon slams new Brexit poster as '˜disgusting'

A poster campaign unveiled by Nigel Farage has been denounced by politicians and charities for 'scapegoating' migrants to boost the case for leaving the EU.

Nigel Farage addresses the media during the launch of a national poster campaign. Picture: AFP/Getty Images

The poster features an image of a column of migrants walking through a field with the message “breaking point”. The image is believed to depict migrants from the Middle East including refugees, and its use was labelled “disgusting” by Nicola Sturgeon.

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Pauline Diamond Salim, a campaign officer at the Scottish Refugee Council said the poster was “very upsetting”, adding: “This is a picture of men, women and children in desperate circumstances. It takes a very hard heart not to imagine the fear and anguish they must be experiencing.”

“We deplore the scapegoating of refugees and the exploitation of anyone’s suffering for political ends.”