Nicola Sturgeon: Scottish independence '˜not off the table'

The First Minister has insisted Scottish independence is 'not off the table' and would only stop being an issue if once it had been achieved.

Speaking at a question and answer event in London last night, Nicola Sturgeon was pressed on whether the subject of Scottish independence was “off the table”.

She said: “I’m not sure that independence will ever be off the table until it is realised.”

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The First Minister’s comments were made at an event on Scotland’s political and economic future hosted by Reuters news agency.

Nicola Sturgeon believes Scottish independence is 'not off the table'. Picture: SWNS

Sturgeon also was also quizzed about the deadlock in talks between the UK and Scottish Governments over devolved powers post Brexit.

She said: “We do speak to the European side as we do officials on the UK side.

“At the moment this is a negotiation between the EU and the UK and we have to try to influence it in a round about way and we are working very hard to do that.”

The Scottish Parliament is today expected to reject the UK government’s Brexit Bill amid concerns of a “power grab”, plunging devolution into an unprecedented constitutional crisis.

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