Nicola Sturgeon plans to write a memoir after politics to 'get it all out there'

Nicola Sturgeon has said she will “almost certainly” write a memoir after she steps down from frontline politics.

The First Minister said she will “get it all out there”, adding: “So anybody listening who might feel they have to beware that, there's some warning for you."

She made the comments during an interview on BBC Radio 4’s PM programme.

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Ms Sturgeon previously fuelled speculation about her future after saying she would “make a judgment” on whether to lead the SNP into the next Holyrood election nearer to the time. She became Scotland’s longest-serving First Minister last May.

Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/WPA pool/Getty Images

Speaking to the BBC, she insisted she still had the “energy and the appetite” for the job, but said she did not fear life after politics.

Asked if she ever felt she would rather be doing something else, Ms Sturgeon said: "I'm a human being. Everybody has bad days and days when they wish they were a million miles away. Nobody would believe me if I said otherwise.

"It is interesting because I still feel I've got the energy and the appetite to do this job. But I don't fear life after politics – in fact, there are lots of things I relish having the opportunity to do when the time eventually does come for me to do something else and step down from politics."

She added: "I'd love to write, I'd love to go and work with young people in a different way to how I've done it now. I've spoken about personal things I'd like to do."

However, she insisted she is still "enjoying the job" and feels she is the best person to do it.

Asked if she fancied writing a memoir, and if she had kept a diary, Ms Sturgeon said: "I regret sometimes that I've not kept a detailed diary throughout all of my years.

"Will I write a memoir? Almost certainly, even if it's just for therapy, for myself. Whether anybody will want to publish it or not is a different matter.

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"But yeah, I'm sure at one point I will get it all out there. So anybody listening who might feel they have to beware that, there's some warning for you."



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