Nicola Sturgeon gets applause in Dublin for independence stance

Nicola Sturgeon yesterday said Scottish independence remains 'firmly on the table' as Irish politicians urged her to press ahead with her plans to break up the UK.

Nicola Sturgeon addressed a meeting of Irish business leaders in Dublin alongside Danny McCoy, chief executive of business body Ibec. Picture: PA

Ms Sturgeon, the first serving head of government to address the Seanad in Dublin, received a sustained standing ovation from the House after her speech.

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The SNP’s aim of independence was also endorsed by individual politicians.

Catherine Ardagh of Fianna Fail said that “while it was not to be in 2014, Scotland’s day will come”. Independent Senator Michael MacDowall said: “I wholly and unambiguously support Scotland’s movement for national independence.”

However, the Scottish Tories said none of the questions posed by Brexit would be answered by “tearing up” the UK. Writing in today’s Scotsman, Ruth Davidson lays out the tests she believes Ms Sturgeon must meet.