Nicola Sturgeon demands say in EU negotiations

SCOTLAND will not settle for anything less than a formal role at the UK negotiating table on EU reforms ahead of the in/out referendum, Nicola Sturgeon has warned.

Scottish First Minister said the devolved administrations cannot be kept in the dark over EU negotiations. Picture: Julie Bull

The First Minister has demanded London “formalise” the positions of devolved administrations in crunch talks which could decide the future of Britain in Europe.

Ms Sturgeon was speaking after attending the British-Irish Council in Dublin yesterday, which was also attended by leaders of the UK devolved administrations and UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.

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Ms Sturgeon said 300,000 Scottish jobs relied on exports within the EU, and it needs to be sure talks between London and Brussels do not “cut against” Scotland’s economic interests.

“It is really important that we have a formal role in influencing the negotiating hand of the UK Government and also to be directly kept in the loop as negotiations take shape,” said Ms Sturgeon.

She said she could not leave it to “informal processes” keeping Scotland up to date with developments in the negotiations.