New petitions technology for Holyrood

THREE new high-tech ways of getting involved with the Scottish Parliament have been launched by Holyrood's public petitions committee.

A series of social media tools – "boos" (digital sound recordings), texts and podcasts – are intended to allow more people to access information on what a petition is; how to submit and support one; and what happens to a petition during committee meetings.

A new streamlined information leaflet – Petitioning the Scottish Parliament: Making Your Voice Heard – has also been published to explain the petitions process more clearly and simply.

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Committee convener, Labour MSP Frank McAveety said: "We were the first parliament in the world to accept e-petitions back in 2000 and now in 2010 we hope to maintain our reputation for innovation by increasing the options which make it easier for people to access information and submit petitions.

"From today, you can download our new leaflet, podcast versions of this in a range of different languages, support an e-petition by text and listen to committee updates at AudioBoo. We hope these outlets, alongside our blog, will allow us to share information more easily and in more formats with petitioners and those following petitions."