MSPs warned about institutionalised racism with immigration changes

Picture: TSPL
Picture: TSPL
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Controversial new immigration rules will lead to “institutionalised racism” and take Scotland back to the 1950s, with immigrants discriminated against in areas such as employment and housing, MSPs were told.

The UK Government’s Immigration Bill aims to introduce measures which would require private landlords to evict tenants who do not have legal status in the UK.

SNP MSP Christian Allard said the Immigration Bill will place “onerous” immigration duties on landlords and other private individuals, as well as making employers reluctant to employ anyone who does not have a British passport.

He said it will have a damaging impact on devolved areas of responsibility such as housing and justice, during a debate on the bill.

The French-born MSP also warned that it could also drive immigrants into the arms of “unscrupulous” employers.

He added that it would take the country “back to the 1950s” when he said there was “institutionalised racism” with immigrants often denied housing and jobs.

International development minister Humza Yousaf said the bill would create a “more hostile environment” for immigrants and could also see people with a foreign sounding name denied housing by a landlord.

Mr Yousaf said the legislation would make “destitution more likely” for immigrants as he stated the Scottish Government’s opposition to the bill.