MSPs told to use full names in parliament

MSPs have been ordered to stop calling each other by their first names during debates in the Scottish Parliament.

Presiding officer Alex Fergusson said in future, MSPs should use members' full names so people watching from the public gallery or on television would know who they were talking about.

In a letter issued to all MSPs, Mr Fergusson also said members taking part in debates should be present for opening and closing speeches and stay in the chamber for at least two speeches after their own contribution.

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He said he had discussed the issues with deputy presiding officers Trish Godman and Alasdair Morgan, and said he hoped the new rules would help in "making parliamentary proceedings more transparent and improving the general impression of business in the chamber".

He said: "It is not our intention to impose undue formality in the chamber, but it is our opinion members should address each other in the third person and by full names instead of first names only."