MSPs to consider '˜abhorrent' call to legalise incest

Michael McMahon: petition. Picture: Ian RutherfordMichael McMahon: petition. Picture: Ian Rutherford
Michael McMahon: petition. Picture: Ian Rutherford
MSPs are being forced to consider calls for incest to be legalised in Scotland - despite the head of the Holyrood committee involved admitting he finds the idea 'abhorrent.'

A petition on ACI (Adult Consensual Incest) calls for the law to be amended to allow the activity where participants are both consenting adults over the age of 21.

But the man behind the petition, Richard Morris, is believed to be based in Australia and will not appearing before MSPs when they 
consider the matter next week.Labour MSP Michael McMahon convenes the petitions committee which will consider the call on Tuesday.

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He said: “I recognise the 
petition addresses a subject matter that many people find abhorrent. Speaking personally, I take a similar view.

“However, all petitions that fall within the Committee’s rules must be given our open and transparent consideration.

“It will be for the Committee to decide if there can be any public interest in continuing this petition when we meet on Tuesday 26th January.”

A father and daughter who had a consensual incestuous relationship in Ayrshire six years ago were each jailed for 16 months.