MP’s concern after NHS Lanarkshire review

Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill MP Hugh Gaffney has expressed concern following the publication of NHS Lanarkshire’s Annual Review.

Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill MP Hugh Gaffney

As previously reported, the review highlighted that over one third of NHS Lanarkshire patients were not seen within the 12-week treatment time guarantee.

A&E targets also failed to be met with 90 per cent of patients admitted, discharged or transferred within four hours against a target of 95 per cent.

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The review also outlined that staff sickness rates were exceeding targets.

Recent figures released by the Scottish Government revealed that the number of NHS Lanarkshire patients treated by private hospitals had more than doubled over the last five years.

Mr Gaffney said; “I’m deeply concerned that both NHS Lanarkshire’s treatment time guarantee, and A&E targets were not met.

“It follows a pattern that we are seeing across Scotland of rising waiting times and targets being regularly missed under the Scottish Government.

“I’m also worried about the growth in staff absences and the use of the private sector to plug the gaps in service provision.

“It’s clear that the Scottish Government’s failure to properly invest in our NHS is having a direct impact not only on patients, but on our hardworking NHS staff as well”.