More than 22,000 opportunities created in two years through Young Person’s Guarantee

More than 22,000 work or training opportunities for young people have been created since 2020 under the Young Person’s Guarantee scheme, a new report has revealed.
The scheme was launched in 2020The scheme was launched in 2020
The scheme was launched in 2020

The scheme was designed to help avoid a surge in youth unemployment following the Covid-19 pandemic and aims to provide every 16–24-year-old in Scotland with an opportunity through jobs, apprenticeships, further or higher education, training, or volunteering.

Since its foundation, it has attracted support from 816 employers and is said to have generated the equivalent of more than 30 opportunities a day.

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Many of the opportunities are specifically targeted at those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Sandy Begbie, chair of Developing the Young Workforce, and Chief Executive of Scottish Financial Enterprise, the trade body for Scotland’s financial services industry, welcomed the progress but said there was still more work to be done.

“The Young Person’s Guarantee has played a crucial role in helping to keep Scotland’s youth unemployment rate amongst the lowest in Europe over the last two years, creating more than 22,000 opportunities for 16-24-year-olds across Scotland,” he said.

“That means that more and more young people are getting the chance to develop key skills and make a valuable contribution to Scotland’s economy and society.

“To keep up the positive momentum, we must see a continued focus on young people from government and business.

"That means striving to be truly inclusive, increasing collaboration, and simplifying the processes for both young people and employers. The Young Person’s Guarantee received cross-party support and must continue to be a key priority moving forwards.”

Youth Employment and Training Minister Jamie Hepburn, said: “Good jobs and fair work give meaning and opportunity to a generation of young people who have faced huge challenges over the last few years.

‘’The underpinning principle of the Young Person’s Guarantee - ‘No Wrong Door’ - ensures that young people can access the support they need when they need it.

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“The Scottish Government’s support for the Young Person’s Guarantee is one way that we are demonstrating our continued commitment to young people, so no one is left behind in Scotland’s labour market.’’

Scottish Conservative Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Economy Liz Smith added: “I’m pleased to mark the anniversary of the Young Person’s Guarantee, an initiative that had broad support across party lines at the Scottish Parliament.

“Scotland’s future and its prospects for economic growth will depend on a skilled and innovative workforce and programmes such as this are a crucial component of building that.

“The Young Person’s Guarantee is an important pathway towards growth, not just for individuals to fulfil their own potential and explore new opportunities, but one that benefits all of us. I wish it, and those engaged with it, well in the future.”