Michael Gove says he has also 'driven to test eyesight' in defence of Cummings

Michael Gove has suggested that he has “on occasion” driven to test his eyesight, in defence of the claim made by Dominic Cummings.
Michael Gove appeared on LBC this morningMichael Gove appeared on LBC this morning
Michael Gove appeared on LBC this morning

Mr Cummings said yesterday he had taken a 60-mile round trip with his wife and son to check whether he would be able to drive to London.

Cabinet Office minister Mr Gove appeared on LBC today and suggested he had done the same in the past, but added that he was “not an authority on driving”.

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LBC presenter Nick Ferrari asked Mr Gove if he would have gone "on a 60-mile round trip to test your eyesight?"

"I have, on occasions in the past, driven with my wife in order to make sure, what's the right way of putting it," Mr Gove replied.

After Mr Ferrari said he was "staggered”, Mr Gove replied he was "not an authority on driving" as "someone who took seven attempts to pass their driving test, I'm not going to pass judgement on other people's driving."

Earlier, Mr Gove said Mr Cummings' account of his trip to Durham was "exhaustive, detailed and verifiable.The Minister told BBC Breakfast: "I think Dominic completely understands the sense of concern people felt as the story broke.

"I think the account he gave yesterday was exhaustive, it was detailed, it was verifiable. I think people will make their own mind up as they listened to Dominic's account.

"I think most people will understand he was under pressure, and sought to put the health of his wife and son first, and took care to ensure they as a family unit were not in danger of infecting other people."