Mhairi Black posts hilarious anti-Trident T-shirt pic on Twitter

MHAIRI Black has posted a pic of a T-shirt sent to her by one of her followers, which features a logo that is sure to delight her fellow supporters of the '˜Scrap Trident' movement.

Mhairi posing in her new T-shirt, which sported a hilarious anti-Trident logo. Picture: Twitter

The Paisley and Renfrewshire South MP took to Twitter on Friday (23 June) to thank the person who sent her the T-shirt, posting: “Ha! Never a truer word was spoken. Thanks to the legend that sent me this belter. #ScrapTrident”.

She then posted a pic of her wearing the T-shirt, which reads: “The only bombs I support are jagerbombs”.

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One poster replied: “I am so impressed with you Mhairi Black, wish wish wish you were English. Our loss Scotland’s gain.”

While another added: “Can’t stand jaegerbombs, but have to admit they’re better than nuclear bombs”

The young MP has never been shy in speaking out against Trident, and last year she made an impassioned speech in the Commons against its renewal in which she stated that the government was happy to write a blank cheque for “useless weapons” but yet couldn’t “afford to look after the disabled” or “the unemployed”.

She also stated that these weapons served no other purpose than to “satisfy the ego of the British establishment.”