MacDonald writes to law chief on World's End fears

MARGO MacDonald, the independent MSP, has raised new concerns over the collapse of World's End murder trial.

She has written to Elish Angiolini, the Lord Advocate, questioning the ability of the Advocate Depute Alan Mackay to try the case on behalf of the Crown Office.

The letter raises a series of questions about his performance during the case.

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Ms MacDonald stated: "I think it relevant that the public should have a clear understanding of whether the Advocate Depute was fully able to prosecute the case against Angus Sinclair."

The World's End trial collapsed in August when Lord Clarke threw out the case against Sinclair, ruling there was not enough evidence for a jury to reach a verdict.

Ms Angiolini then took the rare step of making a statement to MSPs, defend- ing the prosecution's role.

This prompted an extraordinary attack by the Lord Justice-General, Lord Hamilton, who claimed her statement had been disrespectful and undermined the judiciary.

Ms MacDonald said she had refrained from asking questions about Mr Mackay's "health and fitness" before, but she said she now felt answers had to be given about his role in the trial's collapse.

Mr Mackay disappeared as this happened and was not present to hear Lord Clarke throw out the case.

Ms MacDonald said in her letter: "I think it important Mr MacKay's performance and personal feelings during the trial are separated from the wider questions prompted by the World's End trial."

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