Lord Wallace says role for Holyrood in taking laws back from Brussels

Holyrood could be given a legal role repatriating laws from Brussels, the former advocate general for Scotland Lord Wallace has said.

Picture: TSPL

Lord Wallace, the former Deputy First Minister, told the BBC there is a “clear role” for the Scottish Parliament in the Brexit process even though he believes it is unlikely Holyrood will give its consent to Article 50.

Nexit week the Supreme Court is to consider whether the UK Parliament must vote to trigger the formal Brexit process.

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The Lord Advocate James Wolffe will argue in that case that Holyrood should have to give its consent too.

Lord Wallace, the former advocate general for Scotland

Lord Wallace told the broadcaster that while he thinks Scottish Parliament consent for Article 50 is unlikely, MSPs could play a role when it comes to the Great Repeal Bill.

Lord Wallace said the Bill could require the consent of Holyrood because it would affect areas which have been devolved to Scotland.

“My view is it will repeal the European communities act of 1972, as there’s so much legislation affecting vast areas of our lives, which have been made under that act, it’s more likely to be a great re-enactment act,” Lord Wallace said.

“I think at that point there is clearly a role - for the potential of a legislative consent motion, because many of the things we’re talking about impact on areas of devolved competence; farming, fishing, the environment.

Lord Wallace, the former advocate general for Scotland

“There’s a huge amount of legislation there that’s been done to implement European directives, that takes us right into the competence of the Scottish Parliament and Scottish ministers.”