Liberal Democrats unveil plans to deliver a 'power surge' for local authorities

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have unveiled plans to deliver a “power surge” for local authorities by handing them more control over services and resources.

The party’s local election manifesto, set to be launched today, will pledge to oppose the “centralising power grabs” of SNP ministers.

This will include working through Cosla, the council umbrella body, to develop a fresh vision for local authorities with new powers over economic development, planning and transport.

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The Lib Dems will also promote “the long-overdue replacement” of council tax and oppose plans for a National Care Service, which the party previously branded a “cynical power grab”.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-HamiltonScottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton
Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton

Mr Cole-Hamilton said: "Local authorities have suffered serious and disproportionate cuts to their budgets at the hands of SNP-Green budget deals, reducing their capacity for innovation and dynamism and damaging their ability to support local communities.

Scottish Liberal Democrats want to deliver a power surge for local authorities.

"That means giving local communities more power over economic development, planning and transport and ending the SNP power grab that will see decisions over social work, children’s services and community justice taken by distant ministers far from the consequences of their decisions.

“After everything we’ve been through, Scotland needs new hope right now. At the coming council elections, you’ll only find that hope with the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

"Our councillors and candidates are thrilled by the idea of what community can mean. We see the best in people and we want the best for them. If something isn’t working, then we try to fix it.”



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