Leader comment: The benefits of safer cycling

Thousands of people will today descend on the Scottish Parliament in a bid to persuade politicians to help make cycling safer, with similar demonstrations in Inverness and Aberdeen taking place this weekend.
Last year's Pedal on Parliament rally (Picture: Ian Georgeson)Last year's Pedal on Parliament rally (Picture: Ian Georgeson)
Last year's Pedal on Parliament rally (Picture: Ian Georgeson)

The increase in the number of cyclists on the roads in recent years has been fuelled partly by the growing realisation that exercise is extremely good for your health, a “wonder drug” in the minds of some experts.

Cycling – an effective form of transport, particularly in cities – is a convenient way for people to build exercise into their daily routine.

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The more commuters who travel by bike rather than car, the less congested our streets will be to the benefit of other motorists.

But many people still feel nervous about riding among the traffic. And there have been tensions between cyclists and drivers as both groups get used to sharing roads largely designed for cars.

More cycle lanes and dedicated paths would help alleviate both these problems. And they could also unlock the potential of electric bikes to radically transform the way most people travel in cities.