Labour MP Chris Bryant suspects Corbyn voted for Brexit

A senior Labour MP says he suspects Jeremy Corbyn voted for Brexit, after the party leader declined to tell him which way he cast his ballot.

Former Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, Chris Bryant. Picture: PA

Chris Bryant said he posed the question directly as he warned Mr Corbyn he would “destroy” the party unless he did not seek re-election, but received no answer.

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“Jeremy’s management of the campaign for the referendum left many voters not even knowing which way Jeremy himself was going to vote. I suspect that Jeremy may have voted to leave.”

He added: “Not only is that a betrayal of Labour’s historic position on the European Union – a fundamental economic and foreign policy objective of ours – but also it means that if he were to lead us into a general election, the latest poll shows we would lose 150 seats. We would be a rump of 75 Members of Parliament.

“I said to Jeremy last night ‘look, I’ve tried to make this work but the only person who can make this work is you, by stepping aside and letting somebody else take over the reins because otherwise you will destroy the Labour Party’.”