COP26: Scottish Labour demand Nicola Sturgeon ‘oppose Cambo oil field’ following IPPC report

Scottish Labour have demanded Nicola Sturgeon oppose the proposed Cambo oil field following the publication of the IPPC report on climate change.

The assessment from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that human activity is damaging the planet at an alarming rate.

It explains climate change is already affecting every region across the globe and that without urgent action the planet could face serious consequences.

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Now Scottish Labour’s Monica Lennon has called for the First Minister to oppose the site near Shetland that could yield as many as 255 million barrels of oil over its lifetime.

Nicola Sturgeon is being urged to oppose the Cambo oil field following the IPPC report.Nicola Sturgeon is being urged to oppose the Cambo oil field following the IPPC report.
Nicola Sturgeon is being urged to oppose the Cambo oil field following the IPPC report.

She said: “To avoid the worst-case climate scenarios, it’s vital that our governments act on the findings of the IPCC report.

“For starters, Nicola Sturgeon must loudly oppose the proposed Cambo oil field and stop hiding behind Boris Johnson, who treats climate emergency and the need for a just transition for workers and communities like a big joke.

“If we start meeting our own climate targets in Scotland, we’ll be in a better position to demand quicker progress from other governments.

“Climate emergency is the biggest challenge of our time and that’s why Scottish Labour will continue to fight for the bold and urgent action that the public rightly expects both the UK and Scottish governments to take.”

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UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres described the report as a “code red for humanity”.

The report says the world will reach or exceed temperature rises of 1.5C over the next two decades.

Cutting global emissions, starting immediately, to net zero by mid-century would give a good chance of limiting global warming to 1.5C in the long term and help to avoid the worst effects of climate change, according to the report.

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Ms Lennon’s calls were also echoed by Jamie Livingstone, the head of Oxfam Scotland.

He said: “This report is an undeniable wake-up call to governments and global leaders around the world who are asleep at the wheel on climate change.

"The science is overwhelming. Our planet is on fire and without concerted action now we’re headed towards climate catastrophe, with the poorest communities suffering the most.

“All of our lives and futures will be on the line as world leaders gather in Glasgow this November to agree a plan to mitigate the worst impacts.

"Ahead of these crunch talks, the Prime Minister should stop the proposed Cambo oil field and the First Minister should signal her unequivocal opposition to pulling more and more fossil fuels out of the ground when scientists around the world are screaming at governments to stop.

“A failure to act would completely ignore the IPCC’s stark warnings and risk seriously undermining the UK and Scotland’s climate credibility just when it is needed most."

Ms Sturgeon on Sunday avoided saying if she would oppose the field.

She said: “Look, I’m not going to stand here – it’s not an issue for the Scottish Government.

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“We are thinking about all of these things, we are trying to come to the right decision. There’s no doubt we should be moving away.

“So there are hard questions to ask about whether things like that are commensurate and I totally get that. There are tough things for all of us to address and make decisions on.”

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