Keir Starmer covered in glitter by protester who stormed stage at start of conference speech

The man stormed the stage at the start of Sir Keir’s speech

A protester has disrupted Sir Keir Starmer’s keynote speech at the Labour conference in Liverpool, shouting “true democracy is citizen led”.

The man threw glitter over the Labour leader, who pushed the activist away from the microphone with his right arm before security arrived.

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The man continued to shout “politics needs an update”, “we demand a people’s house”, “we are in crisis” and “our whole future is in jeopardy” as he was wrestled to the ground.

The protesters disrupted the start of Sir Keir's speechThe protesters disrupted the start of Sir Keir's speech
The protesters disrupted the start of Sir Keir's speech

After being interrupted by a heckler, Sir Keir Starmer opened his speech at Labour Party conference by saying: “If he thinks that bothers me he doesn’t know me.

“Protest not power, that is why we changed our party conference.”

His speech was introduced by Marie Tidball, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Penistone and Stocksbridge.

Sir Keir Starmer continued his speech expressing sympathy for Manchester, which played host to the “circus” of the Conservative conference.

He said: “I really do feel for any city that had to host that circus last week.

“Honestly – what can you say about a Prime Minister who goes to Manchester to cancel Manchester’s train line?

“The self-declared champion of motorists, who had to borrow a shopworker’s car for his photo op. A man who keeps a close watch on the cost-of-living crisis from the vantage point of his short-haul helicopter.

“Conference, I never thought I’d say this but I’m beginning to see why Liz Truss won.

“Although I still think we’d be better off with that lettuce.”



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