John Swinney pledges fair work plan

Deputy First Minister John Swinney will today set out the SNP’s “five point plan for fair work” - a series of pledges from the party that includes an increase in the minimum wage and a crackdown on zero hours contracts.

Picture: TSPL

Mr Swinney will state that the plan would help deliver a “more equal society”, during an SNP campaign event in Perth today.

The SNP’s plan includes a significant increase in the national minimum wage from £6.50 to £8.70 by 2020, a crackdown on zero hours contracts, a rise in public spending, an increase in the number of Living Wage employers in Scotland and the devolution of employment policy to Holyrood.

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Mr Swinney says: “Fair work will play a key role in making Scotland the fairer, more equal society everyone wants to see – which is why it is a principle which the SNP will be putting at the heart of our election campaign for the next four weeks.

“On issues like these, working people across the country are suffering from Westminster’s legacy of abject failure – which is why powers over employment should be devolved to Scotland as a matter of urgency.

“Our plan to boost the minimum wage to £8.70 will ensure these jobs deliver a fair day’s pay and allow us to tackle the scourge of in-work poverty which has grown out of control thanks to the uncaring attitude of both Labour and Tory UK governments.”