Jeremy Corbyn tells Labour: 'Get ready for government within a year'

Labour should prepare to be in government within a year, Jeremy Corbyn has told delegates in his speech closing party's conference in Liverpool.

Mr Corbyn said Labour would vote down Theresa May's Brexit deal and force a general election, warning the Prime Minister: "If you can’t negotiate that deal then you need to make way for a party that can, and will."

The Labour leader sought to appeal to alienated and angry voters left behind by the UK economy, promising a "radical plan to rebuild and transform our country", including handing over shares in public companies to their employees.

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But Mr Corbyn risked inflaming existing controversies within Labour, stopping short of issuing an apology in the long-running row over his handling of antisemitism claims, and pledging that a Labour government would immediately recognise the state of Palestine.

"When we meet this time next year let it be as a Labour government," Mr Corbyn said at the end of a speech interrupted by applause and cheers over 100 times. "Let every constituency, every community know Labour is ready."

Closing a conference that saw Labour significantly shift its policy on Brexit, embracing the possibility of a second EU referendum, Mr Corbyn appeared reluctant to widen divisions on an issue that splits his party.

The Labour leader confirmed his party would "vote against the Chequers plan or whatever is left of it and oppose leaving the EU with no deal", adding that a no deal Brexit would be "inconceivable" and "a national disaster".

To a huge ovation, he said: "That is why if Parliament votes down a Tory deal or the government fails to reach any deal at all, we would press for a general election." The applause nearly drowned out the following line, spoken much more quietly: "Failing that, all options are on the table."