Jeremy Corbyn in pledge to young adults

Picture: TSPLPicture: TSPL
Picture: TSPL
LABOUR leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn is promising to allow UK housing benefit for under 21s and to restore the education maintenance allowance to college students south of the border.

Mr Corbyn is also reaffirming his commitment to cutting the voting age to 16 and to deliver “properly paid” apprenticeships as he unveils a series of polices for young adults that he would adopt if he is elected as Labour leader.

Mr Corbyn said he would restore the education maintenance allowance south of the border. Student support for Scotland is devolved to Holyrood.

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“To win the next election Labour must stand for a growing economy not a cuts-based economy that chokes off growth, stifles recovery and makes life harder for young people,” he said.

“Under my premiership, we in the next Labour government will be committed to making these dreams of a fairer start in life for all young adults become reality.”