Jackson Carlaw urged to apologise for World War 2 tweet

Mr Carlaw appeared defiant in the face of online criticismMr Carlaw appeared defiant in the face of online criticism
Mr Carlaw appeared defiant in the face of online criticism
A Scottish Government minister has called on Ruth Davidson to take action against her deputy leader over a 'crass and offensive' comment on the Second World War.

Scottish Conservative second-in-command Jackson Carlaw tweeted to mark the anniversary of VE Day.

He wrote: “73 years ago today Nazi Germany surrendered, bringing an end to the European conflict in WW2.

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“Not one time did people ask whether those defending our small island nation were from Gloucester or Glasgow.

“It didn’t matter. We were one people standing alone.”

His comments have sparked outrage online and led to Veterans Minister Keith Brown calling for Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson to make Mr Carlaw apologise.

Mr Brown said: “Jackson Carlaw’s crass comments are not only historically inaccurate - many will find them deeply insulting.

“Of course it is right that we mark the bravery of Britain’s servicemen and women - and citizens - in helping to defeat the Nazis, but to casually disregard the sacrifices made by people across occupied Europe, and those from the Soviet Union, the United States and from around the world is both crass and offensive.”

He added: “It is the job of political leaders to set an example by engaging in a respectful and fact-based debate, and Jackson Carlaw has failed on both counts.

“Ruth Davidson should get her deputy into line - and demand that he withdraw the tweet and apologise.”

However, Mr Carlaw appeared defiant in the face of online criticism, tweeting: “One of the quiet joys of a holiday Monday is muting all the simply ghastly and largely dismal cybernats.

“It’s the Twitter equivalent of Munro bagging.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives said: “Keith Brown’s ability to find offence is quite something.

“The suggestion that Mr Carlaw is ‘casually disregarding’ anyone in his tweet is just ridiculous.”