Indyref2: Scots will vote yes to secure '˜life raft' to EU

Former Yes Scotland chief Blair Jenkins says the next campaign for independence will start from a better position and with a 'stronger, compelling reason.'

Former Yes Scotland chief executive Blair Jenkins says the pro-indy campaign will start from a stronger position. Picture: TSPL

Theresa may has ruled out a referendum insisting “now’s not the time”, but Mr Jenkins said a vote would be held within a year of Brexit being completed and suggested this could be autumn 2019.

Mr Jenkins predicted Scots will vote yes to secure their “life raft” to the rest of the EU.

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The man who spearheaded the cross-party Yes Scotland organisation told Sky News there was “not yet” a majority or independence with polls indicating support levels of a bout 47 per cent.

But he added: “Yes will start this time from a much stronger position than we did back in 2012.

“And with that much stronger drive, if you like, that much stronger, compelling reason for independence which is that our only life raft in terms of maintaining our links to the European Union is if you vote for independence. We’re the only people in the UK who have that life raft and we’re not going to give it up.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has written to the UK government seeking permission to hold a second vote on leaving the UK but this has been rejected.