#Indyplan: How Twitter reacted to white paper

The Scottish Government today launched its blueprint for independence, a 670-page white paper aiming to bring clarity to a debate that has raised so many questions.
Details of the SNP's vision for independence were outlined by the SNP's white paper today. Picture: Robert PerryDetails of the SNP's vision for independence were outlined by the SNP's white paper today. Picture: Robert Perry
Details of the SNP's vision for independence were outlined by the SNP's white paper today. Picture: Robert Perry

Among the white paper’s headline pledges was the retention of a currency union, the removal of nuclear weapons from Scottish soil, EU membership, abolition of the Bedroom Tax and an ambitious programme for free childcare provision. Reaction to the white paper, both in Scotland and the rest of the UK, was typically robust and diverse. Here, we present a broad spectrum of opinions raised over its contents.

@JonAndMorg wrote: “Need to explore #WhitePaper in more detail but as an undecided Scotsman I remain so, #BetterTogether poor & predictable in retort though...”

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@Craig_Owl wrote: “How can folk be dissing the white paper so soon? Speed reading or fibs? It’s gonna take me days to digest.”

@AndrewMGlasgow wrote: “My criticism of #indypaper - it reads like SNP manifesto for a ‘16 election & not a document providing facts to decide between yes and no.”

@alistair_sloan wrote: “Policy is not a relevant consideration in #indyref. We’re voting on the constitutional future of Scotland, not for a Government.”

@MGSweeney wrote: “Also very odd seeing Labour attack #indyplan for lack of costings when they reject the same argument from the Tories at Westminster”

@johnpmcdermott wrote: “An end to the bedroom tax is the first policy mentioned in the #indypaper, which is quite amazing when you think about it.”

@GeorgeMinty wrote: “Working through white paper now. No milk and honey document this, except we are better without WM and WMDs. Challenges to be met #indyplan”

@paulfcockburn wrote: “Sorry; I just don’t trust the SNP’s assumptions of what ‘will’ happen post-Yes vote. Not that I trust anyone else, TBH. #indyplan”

Here’s how political figures, both in Scotland and in the rest of the UK, reacted:

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@AlexSalmond wrote: “Scotland’s Future sets out blueprint for a fairer country – a detailed guide for a new, prosperous society.”

@patrickharvie wrote: “So decent public services are called bribes now? MT @UK_Together We understand a childcare bribe is included in the white paper #indyref”

@willie_rennie wrote: “I don’t think Scottish families should have to wait for extra childcare support. Agree? Let the SNP know #whitepaper”

@Ed_Miliband wrote: “By failing to answer many vital questions Alex Salmond’s White Paper actually makes the case for the Union.”

@ITVLauraK wrote: “’Rarely have so many words been used to answer so little’ - says Alistair Carmichael on white paper.”

@DAlexanderMP wrote: “Problem this event exposes is SNP trying to both claim that (a) everything will be different & (b) everything will stay the same. #indyref”

@campbellclaret wrote: “When Richard the Third, Alex Salmond and Jeremy Kyle are all trending, this is a sure sign that we are Better Together.”

@scotgp wrote: “While we disagree on corp tax/aviation duty we agree Scotland should be able to tailor a fairer tax system. #indyplan #indyref #greenyes”

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Meanwhile, others Twitter users were more irreverent about the white paper’s contents:

@davidtorrance wrote: “Alex Salmond assures BBC’s Nick Robinson that Doctor Who would be safe in an indy Scotland. A shameless pitch to the Whovian vote #indyplan”

@fredmacaulay wrote: “Just got my copy of The White Paper... the person who had it before me has ripped the last page out! No idea how it finishes.”

@ToryMemo wrote: “Words conspiculously missing from the SNP #WhitePaper “We reckon”, “Probaby”, and lots of hyphenated “-ish” endings. #indyref #indyplan”