Independence offers '˜business opportunity of a lifetime'

A pro-independence business group has stated that independence offers the '˜business opportunity of a lifetime' and have urged the SNP to focus on the economy to boost support in the build up to a second referendum.

Independence supporters at a recent rally in Glasgow
Independence supporters at a recent rally in Glasgow

Business for Scotland urged the SNP not lose the ‘crucial balance between fairness and the creation of wealth’ as it rebuilds following Brexit.

Chief Executive of Business for Scotland Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp stated that leaving the UK would offer the ‘business opportunity of a lifetime’.

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Business for Scotland a ‘party neutral business policy think tank’ has over 4,000 members and stated that despite the opportunity offered by Brexit, they would still be critical of the SNP if they failed to address the balance of fairness and wealth creation.

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, Chief Executive, Business for Scotland .

The comments from the group for the SNP to focus on the economic argument of independence came after Ian Blackford, the Westminster leader of the SNP said postponing plans for a second indyref gave the party the opportunity to discuss and analyse the ‘fundamentals of independence’ and refocus the campaign.

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Ian Blackford: SNP will rebuild independence case

Following the general election, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced plans for a second referendum were being put on hold. She said it is still “likely” there could be another ballot before 2021, but told the Scottish Parliament she was going to “reset” the timetable which could have seen a referendum take place between autumn next year and spring 2019.

SNP Westminster leader Mr Blackford said rebuilding the case for independence needs to “promote fairness and equity” while pointing out “harmful” Conservative Government policies.

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, Chief Executive, Business for Scotland .

The Scottish Conservatives criticised Mr Blackford’s comments, accusing the SNP of failing to listen to voters and “obsessing over independence”.

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Despite the delay on a second independence referendum, Mr MacIntyre-Kemp said that, with the potential for a hard Brexit it was crucial for the SNP to support the country’s business base and build economic support.

He told the Herald: “The recent success of the SNP has been built on two foundations. First, the ability to balance being a left-of-centre political party that cares for communities, workers and their rights with an understanding of the needs of businesses and entrepreneurs.

“Secondly, they are the party of independence and, with the threat of a potential hard Brexit looming large, independence may well be seen within a few years as the business opportunity of a lifetime for Scotland.

“Fairness in society includes policies BfS supports, such as the living wage, because it’s fair and also because well-paid, motivated and happy workers are more productive.

“Business for Scotland will continue to remind the Scottish Government of the importance of that crucial balance between fairness and the creation of wealth, through supporting Scotland’s entrepreneurial business base, at all of our regular meetings and we won’t be slow to criticise if that balance is lost.”

Shadow finance secretary Murdo Fraser said: “Despite voters sending them a clear message this year that they are fed up with them obsessing over independence, the SNP just aren’t listening.”