How Donald Trump revealed his views on Scotland through Twitter

Donald Trump has long viewed social media as the ideal platform to share his often controversial personal opinions.

Trump at Turnberry

The 45th president of the United States is famously the son of Mary MacLeod, a Hebridean who emigrated from the Isle of Lewis to New York. But what does Trump really think of Scotland? Here’s a snapshot from the world’s most famous Twitter account.

Trump arrived at his Turnberry golf resort on the morning after the Brexit referendum in 2016

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The president has frequently used social media to promote his two golf courses in Scotland
Trump's mother, Mary MacLeod, left Scotland for New York in 1930
Trump, like many around the world, seemed captivated by the 2014 vote
A year after the vote, Trump offered a stark message of an independent Scotland's finances
Trump has not enjoyed the most easy of relationships with the fourth estate in recent years
Trump was a vocal critic of plans - eventually approved - to build a windfarm off the course of Aberdeenshire near to his Menie Estate