Heather Small's Labour councillor son reacts to Liz Truss using M People as walk on music as band says they are 'livid'

Liz Truss entered the Tory conference stage for her crucial speech to the sound of M People’s 90s hit Movin’ On Up.

The choice of walk-on music immediately raised eyebrows on social media, not least because lead singer Heather Small has been a vocal critic of the Conservative government but also as her son is a Labour councillor.

The 25-year-old claimed victory in the Bayswater ward on Westminster City Council this year.

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During the speech he tweeted his thoughts on the song choice.

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"An apt choice! This tired and out of touch Tory Government is indeed moving on out”

M People founder Mike Pickering meanwhile said the band were “livid” after Liz Truss used their song Moving On Up as she walked out for her speech at the Tory Party conference.

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He said: “They (the band) are livid. Heather’s boy James is a Labour councillor. Hopefully most people will know that they have pirated it off us. She won’t be around to use it again for very long, I would imagine.”

Pickering added: “I am absolutely gutted by it because they are killing the live touring of bands and artists…”

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Prime Minister Liz Truss at the Conservative Party annual conference

He said Truss should pay attention to the lyrics.

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“I was just looking at the lyrics. It’s amazing. I hope she takes note. It’s about, ‘Go and pack your bags and get out’.”

Asked why he thought the song had been used, he replied: “No one said to them ‘Tony Blair and new Labour used that song all the time’ or ‘Heather’s son is a Labour councillor’ or ‘Mike is really vociferous on Twitter and social media about being an anti-Tory’.

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“I don’t know why they have used it.

“They are so useless at everything. Who knows?”



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