'Have a bit of self respect' - Twitter reacts as Lib Dem Willie Rennie is spotted dressing up as Harry Potter

Mr Rennie was out campaigning in Glasgow.
Mr Rennie was out campaigning in Glasgow.
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Twitter users have reacted with bemusement after photos and videos were posted on the social media site of Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie dressed up as Harry Potter while out campaigning in Glasgow's west end

While on the campaign trail, the senior Lib Dem appears to have taken the opportunity to visit a shop called the Roots of Magic, and while there tried on the boy wizard costume.

He then went on to enjoy an impromptu photo call in the costume alongside a stuffed parrot.

Social media users took to Twitter to berate the politician for the stunt, calling for him to have a "bit of self respect".

@_seanelder_ wrote: "How many more pranks and stunts are representatives of this party going to pull? This after he just said that his party are a serious and professional party and that there are critical issues needing sorted out in this election campaign."

@unchaindunicorn added: "What is wrong with this guy? People at foodbanks, homelessness off the scale, economy in trouble, country in meltdown with Brexit and he's either skipping down the road or running up lanes in a cosplay outfits. He is a clueless egomaniac who doesn't care a hot for ordinary folk."

Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

While another user quipped: "I think I would be more likely to vote for the parrot."

@D_Westin posted: "Maybe if he spent every election doing actual campaigning on policies instead of "witty" photo ops, his party wouldn't be languishing so far in the polls."

Earlier in the day, Mr Rennie claimed the Liberal Democrats are "stronger" as a party after their time in coalition with the Tories but admitted he has "regrets" about some of the policies that were introduced.

The party's leader in Scotland conceded some of the welfare reforms introduced by David Cameron's Government "should never have happened".

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland's Mornings with Jackie Brambles, he also suggested voters are suffering from a "scunneration factor" with politics because of years of constitutional wrangling over Brexit and independence.